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What is this file?

Welcome to our database of file extensions. We try to gather as much usefull information about every format as possible.

Click on an item below to read more about this format, see sample files, file specification and list of programs that open it.

Ext Name Sample files
256 256 Yes
2bp Pocket PC Bitmap Yes
3 3 Yes
411 Sony Mavica Yes
4bt GoDot Yes
4mi AtariTools-800 player/missile Yes
4pl AtariTools-800 player/missile Yes
4pm AtariTools-800 4 players&missiles Yes
565 OLPC 565 Yes
64c 8x8 font Yes
73i Texas Instruments Ti-73 Yes
82i Texas Instruments Ti-82 Yes
83i Texas Instruments Ti-83 Yes
85i Texas Instruments Ti-85 Yes
86i Texas Instruments Ti-86 Yes
8xi Texas Instruments Ti-83+ -
92i Texas Instruments Ti-92 -
9xi Texas Instruments Ti-92 Yes
a4r Anime 4ever Yes
a64 Wigmore Artist 64 Yes
aai Dune Image -
aas Art Studio Yes
acbm Amiga Continuous Bitmap Yes
acs AtariTools-800 font Yes
afl AFLI-editor v2.0 Yes
agp AtariTools-800 graphic Yes
all Graph Yes
ami Amica Paint, packed Yes
ap2 AP2 Yes
ap3 AP3 Yes
apc Any Point, Any Color Yes
apl Atari Player Editor Yes
apng Portable Network Graphics Yes
app APP Yes
apv APV Yes
art Pfs First Publisher Yes
art Art Director Yes
art Art Studio Yes
art Atari 8 Artist Yes
arw Sony Digital Camera Alpha Raw Image -
atk Andrew Toolkit raster object -
atr Attributes Yes
avi Microsoft Audio/Visual Interleaved -
avs Stardent AVS X -
bb0 Mode 0 Yes
bb1 Mode 1 Yes
bb2 Mode 2 Yes
bb4 Mode 4 Yes
bb5 Mode 5 Yes
bbg LdPic Yes
bfli Big FLI Yes
bg9 BG9/G09 Yes
bgp Bugbiter APAC239i Yes
biorad Biorad confocal file -
bkg Movie Maker Background Yes
bl1 DEGAS Elite block Yes
bl2 DEGAS Elite block Yes
bl3 DEGAS Elite block Yes
bld MegaPaint Yes
bm VBM/VDC BitMap Yes
bml FLI Graph 2.2 Yes
bmp Microsoft Windows bitmap -
bob Bob Ray Tracer Bitmap Yes
bpg Better Portable Graphics -
bru DEGAS Elite brush Yes
brush Doodle brush file -
bum Poser Bump Map -
bw Silicon Graphics RGB -
ca1 CrackArt Yes
ca2 CrackArt Yes
ca3 CrackArt Yes
cals Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support Type 1 -
cbr Comix -
cbz Comix -
cci Champions Interlace (packed) Yes
cdu CDU-Paint Yes
cel Autodesk Animator Yes
ch4 4x8 font Yes
ch6 6x8 font Yes
ch8 8x8 font Yes
che Cheese Yes
chr Blazing Paddles font Yes
chs 6x8 font Yes
cin Champions' Interlace Yes
cip Cisco IP Phone -
cis Compuserve RLE image -
clp CLP Yes
cm Puzzle image from X11 Yes
cmuwm CMU window manager bitmap -
cpi Marco Pixel Editor Yes
cpr Trzmiel Yes
cpt Canvas (compressed) Yes
cr2 Canon Digital Camera Raw Image -
crw Canon Digital Camera Raw Image -
csv Comma-Separated Value -
cur Microsoft Cursor Icon -
cut Dr. Halo CUT Yes
cwg Create with Garfield Yes
dc1 DuneGraph (compressed) Yes
dcm DICOM -
dcr Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image -
dcx ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush image -
dd Doodle Yes
ddbug Diddle/DiddleBug sketches -
dds Direct Draw Surface -
del DelmPaint Yes
dg1 DuneGraph Yes
dgc DuneGraph (compressed) -
dgi DGI Yes
dgp DGP Yes
dgu DuneGraph -
dhr Double High-Resolution Yes
dib Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap -
din DIN Yes
dis DKB Trace / Qrt raytrace -
djvu DjVu -
dlm Dir Logo Maker Yes
dlp Drazlace, packed Yes
dng Digital Negative -
dol Dolphin Ed Yes
doo Doodle Yes
dot Graph Visualization -
dph DelmPaint Yes
dpx SMPTE Digital Moving Picture Exchange 2.0 -
drg Atari CAD Yes
drl Drazlace Yes
drp Drazpaint Yes
drz Drazpaint Yes
du1 DU1 -
du2 DU2 Yes
duo DUO Yes
eci ECI Graphic Editor Yes
ecp ECI Graphic Editor (compressed) Yes
epa Award BIOS logo Yes
epdf Encapsulated Portable Document Format -
esc ESC Yes
escp2 ESC/P2 printer file -
esm Enhanced Simplex Yes
exr High dynamic-range (HDR) file format -
eyuv Berkeley YUV -
fax Group 3 TIFF -
fd2 FLI Designer -
ffli FFLI Yes
fgs Fun Graphics Machine Yes
fiasco Compressed FIASCO image -
fits Flexible Image Transport System -
fli FLI Graph 2.2 by Blackmail Yes
fnt FNT 8x8 font Yes
fp2 Funpaint Yes
fpt Face Painter Yes
fs Usenix FaceSaver file -
ftc Falcon True Color Yes
fts Flexible Image Transport System -
fun Funpaint Yes
fwa Fun with Art Yes
g09 BG9/G09 Yes
g10 Graphics 10 Yes
g11 Graphics 11 Yes
g3 Group 3 fax file -
gbr GIMP Brush -
gcd Gigacad Yes
gd GD Library Image -
gd2 GD Library 2 Image -
ge5 Screen 5 Yes
ge7 Screen 7 Yes
gfb DeskPic Yes
gg Koala Painter 2, packed Yes
ghg Gephard Hires Yes
gif CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format Yes
gig Gigapaint Multicolor Yes
gih Gigapaint-Hires Yes
god GodPaint Yes
gould Gould scanner file -
gr7 Graphics 7 Yes
gr8 Graphics 8 Yes
gr9 Graphics 9 Yes
grf GRF Yes
grp Screen 2 Yes
gun Gunpaint Yes
h Gimp C++ Header -
ham6 Hold-And-Modify 6 Yes
ham8 Hold-And-Modify 8 Yes
hbm Hires-Bitmap Yes
hci HCI Yes
hdiff Horizontal difference image -
hdr Radiance RGBE image -
hed Hi-Eddi Yes
hfc Hires FLI by Crest Yes
hgb HinterGrundBild Yes
hgr High Resolution Yes
him Hires Manager by Cosmos Yes
hip Hard Interlace Picture Yes
hips HIPS file -
hir Hires-Bitmap Yes
hlf Hires Interlace by Feniks Yes
hlr Attributes Gigascreen Yes
hpc Hi-Pic Creator Yes
hpm Grass' Slideshow Yes
hr Atari HR Yes
hr2 HR2 -
hrs HRS Yes
hrz Slow Scan Television -
htm HTML Table Image -
html HTML Table Image -
ice Interlace Character Editor font Yes
icn ICE CIN Yes
ico Microsoft icon Yes
icon Sun icon image -
iff Amiga IFF Yes
ifl Gunpaint Yes
ige Interlace Graphics Editor Yes
ihe Interlace Hires Editor Yes
iim InShape IIM Yes
ilbm Amiga IFF -
ilc Digi Paint Yes
img GEM Bit Image Yes
imn ICE MIN Yes
info Icon Yes
ing ING 15 Yes
inp Atari INP Yes
int INT95a Yes
ip2 ICE PCIN+ Yes
ipc ICE PCIN Yes
iph Interpaint Yes
ipi IPI -
ipl Scanalytics IPLab -
ipt Interpaint Multicolor Yes
ir2 Super IRG 2 Yes
irg Super IRG Yes
ish Image System -
ism Image System Yes
ist Interlace Studio Yes
ithmb iPod Thumbnail -
j2c JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax -
j2k JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax -
jbig JBIG image -
jfi Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF -
jfif Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF -
jgp Jet Graphics Planner Yes
jif Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF -
jj Doodle, packed Yes
jp2 JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntax -
jp2k JPEG 2000 -
jpe Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF -
jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF -
jpg Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF Yes
jpt JPEG-2000 Code Stream Syntax -
jxr JPEG extended range -
kla Koala Painter -
koa Koala Painter Yes
kpr Kompresor do Animatora Yes
kps IBM KIPS -
kro AutoPano RAW -
lbm Amiga IFF Yes
ldm Ludek Maker Yes
leaf Interleaf image -
leo Larka Edytor Obiekt Yes
lispm Lisp Machine bitmap -
lp3 Logo Painter 3/3+ Yes
lum Technicolor Dream Yes
mac MacPaint Yes
macp MacPaint -
mat MATLAB image format -
max XL-Paint MAX Yes
mbg Mad Designer Yes
mbm Psion Series 5 Bitmap -
mc Multicolor 8x1 Yes
mch Graph2Font Yes
mci Truepaint Yes
mcp Truepaint Yes
mcpp Paradox Yes
mcs MCS Yes
mda Microdesign -
mg1 MultiArtist 8x1 Yes
mg2 MultiArtist 8x2 Yes
mg4 MultiArtist 8x4 Yes
mg8 MultiArtist 8x8 Yes
mgp Magic Painter Yes
mgr ManaGeR (MGR) -
mic Movie Maker Background Yes
mil Micro Illustrator Yes
mis AtariTools-800 player/missile Yes
mle Multi-Lace Editor Yes
mlt MLT Yes
mng Multiple-image Network Graphics -
mon Mono Magic Yes
mono Mono Dump -
mpp Multi Palette Picture Yes
mrf MRF image -
mrw Sony (Minolta) Raw Image File -
msp Microsoft Paint version 1 or 2 Yes
mtv MTV / RayShade Image -
nef Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image File -
neo NeoChrome Yes
ngf Ninell Graphic Format -
ngg Nokia Group Graphics -
nlm Nokia Logo Manager -
nlq Daisy-Dot font Yes
nol Nokia Operator Logo -
npm Nokia Picture Message Yes
nsr Newsoom -
ocp Advanced Art Studio Yes
orf Olympus Digital Camera Raw Image File -
otb On-the-air Bitmap -
ozb Mu Online Bitmap -
ozt Mu Online Texture -
p Sinclair BASIC Yes
p11 P11 Yes
p41 P41 Yes
p4i P4I Yes
p64 Picasso 64 Yes
p7 Xv's Visual Schnauzer thumbnail format -
pa3 Pablo Paint Yes
pac STAD Yes
palm Palm pixmap -
pam Portable Arbitrary Map -
pat GIMP Pattern -
pbm Portable aNy Map -
pc1 Degas Elite Yes
pc2 DEGAS Elite Yes
pc3 DEGAS Elite Yes
pcd Photo CD -
pcds Photo CD -
pcs PhotoChrome Yes
pcx ZSoft Paintbrush Yes
pdb Palm Pilot Image -
pdbim Palm Pilot Image Viewer -
pdf Portable Document Format -
pef Pentax Electronic File -
pfa Postscript Type 1 font (ASCII) -
pfb Postscript Type 1 font (binary) -
pfm Portable Float Map -
pgc Portfolio Graphics Compressed Yes
pgf Portfolio Graphics Yes
pgm Portable aNy Map -
pgx PGX of JPEG 2000 -
pgx Portfolio PGX -
pi Blazing Paddles Yes
pi1 DEGAS Yes
pi2 Degas/Degas Elite Yes
pi3 Degas/Degas Elite Yes
pi4 Fuckpaint Yes
pi9 Fuckpaint Yes
pic Koala MicroIllustrator -
pic Psion Series 3 -
pic Sharp X68000 -
pic Screen 8 -
pic Amiga IFF/LBM -
pic PaintPro ST -
pic Bio-Rad -
picon Personal Icon -
pict Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT file -
pix PIX Yes
pix5 BRender PIX -
pj HP PaintJet file -
pk Packed (PK) font -
pl4 PL4 Yes
pla AtariTools-800 player/missile Yes
plm PLM Yes
pmd PMG Designer by Karpowicz Yes
pmg Paint Magic Yes
png Portable Network Graphic -
pnm Portable aNy Map -
pnt Ark: Survival Evolved Yes
ppm Portable aNy Map -
ps1 ST-DEXL Pictures Set -
psa Print Shop -
psb Print Shop -
psd Adobe Photoshop -
psid PostScript image -
ptif Pyramid encoded TIFF -
ptx V.Flash PTX -
pwp Seattle File Works multi-image file -
pzl Puzzle image from X11 -
pzm PZM Yes
qrt DKB Trace / Qrt raytrace -
rad Bio-Rad -
raf Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File -
rap Vidig Paint Yes
rast Sun rasterfile -
raw Camera RAW Yes
raw Camera RAW Yes
raw XL-Paint MAX Yes
raw RAW Dump Yes
rfg LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robot Graphics File -
rgb Silicon Graphics RGB Yes
rgba Silicon Graphics RGB -
rip Rocky Interlace Picture Yes
rla Alias/Wavefront image file -
rle Utah Run length encoded image file Yes
rm0 Rambrandt -
rm1 Rambrandt -
rm2 Rambrandt Yes
rm3 Rambrandt -
rm4 Rambrandt Yes
rp Rainbow Painter Yes
rpbm Portable aNy Map -
rpgm Portable aNy Map -
rpm Run Paint Yes
rppm Portable aNy Map -
rys Mamut Yes
sar Saracen Paint Yes
sc2 Screen 2 Yes
sc5 Screen 5 Yes
sc7 Screen 7 Yes
sc8 Screen 8 Yes
sca Screen 10 Yes
scc Screen 12 Yes
scr SCR Yes
scs4 Mode 4 Yes
sct SciTex -
sfw Seattle File Works image -
sge Semi-Graphic logos Editor Yes
sgi Silicon Graphics RGB -
shc SAMAR Hi-res Interlace with Map of Colours Yes
shp Movie Maker Shape Yes
shr SHR Yes
sif Super-IRG Font Yes
sir Solitaire file -
ska Video renting box SKA -
sld AutoCAD slide file -
spc Graphics Magician Picture Painter Yes
spot SPOT satellite images -
spr Sprites Yes
sps Spectrum 512 (smooshed) Yes
spu Spectrum 512 Yes
sr8 Graph Saurus Yes
srf SRF image -
srs Screen 12 Yes
sun SUN Rasterfile -
sunicon Sunview icon -
svg Scalable Vector Graphics -
sxs SXS font Yes
targa Targa -
tga Targa -
thinkjet HP ThinkJet printer commands -
tim TIM Yes
tip Taquart Interlace Picture Yes
tn1 Tiny Stuff Yes
tn2 Tiny Stuff Yes
tn3 Tiny Stuff Yes
tn4 Tiny Stuff Yes
tny Tiny Stuff Yes
trp EggPaint Yes
tru IndyPaint Yes
txs TXS Yes
txt Raw text file -
uyvy Interleaved YUV raw image -
v2i Texas Instruments Voyage 200 -
vbm VBM/VDC BitMap Yes
vic VIC Yes
vicar VICAR rasterfile format -
vid Vidcom 64Paint Yes
viff Khoros Visualization Image -
vollabel Apple Volume Label -
vst Vista -
vzi VertiZontal Interlacing Yes
wbmp Wireless bitmap -
webp WebP -
wig Wigmore Artist 64 -
wnd Blazing Paddles Window Yes
wpg Word Perfect Graphics File -
wrl VRML v2.0 Texture -
x Stardent AVS X -
x3f Sigma Camera RAW Picture File -
xbm X-Bitmap Yes
xcf GIMP image Yes
xim Xim file -
ximg Extended GEM Bit Image Yes
xlp XL-Paint Yes
xpm X Windows system pixmap -
xvmini XV VisualSchnauzer miniature -
xwd X Window Dump -
ybm Bennet Yee "face" -
yjk Screen 12 Yes
yuv YUV -
zeiss Zeiss confocal file -
zxp ZX-Paintbrush Yes
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